Carriage Accessories

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Carriage Lamps

Black & Chrome Round Lamp, 12.5cm

PRICE: $395.00/pair

Black & Chrome Round Lamp, 14.5cm

PRICE: $395.00/pair

Black & Chrome Round Lamp, 16cm

PRICE: $450.00/pair

Black & Chrome Round Lamp, 17cm

PRICE: $495.00/pair

Black & Chrome Round Lamp, 23cm

PRICE: $595.00/pair

Tail Lamps, Available in Black and Chrome, and Black and Brass

PRICE: $295.00/pair

Carriage Parts

Over $50,000 worth of carriage parts in stock, including brakes, quick releases, and tires and tubes from 16"-32"!

Three-legged sport stools and adjustable walking seat sticks

We also have a large assortment of regular and light-weight whips in stock, $35 and up!

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